Pebo - Streetwear Model

This was one of my most enjoyable shoots, it was a pleasure to meet Pebo and we’ve agreed to explore again next week. He was starting up a new clothing line in Cardiff so he needed shots of himself as well as the clothing, he broke into the modelling industry last year and hasn’t looked back ever since.  He’s always had a passion for fashion and believes that there is a gap in the streetwear market in Cardiff, I agreed with him as I started my own clothing line.

He wanted a grime look to his images but still wanted some style to them. He was extremely happy with the images and is going to use them for his business when it launches in May.

Good Vibes Only

The last month has changed a lot for me, I decided to take action and change something in my life. It’s going to be a long road but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I know this saying is a bit cheesy but that’s what what I’m going to try and adopt. I love doing hand lettering designs, it gives a sense of authenticity to and gives it character.

Jaxon - Grime Artist

I knew Jaxon Bright from high school, we were never close as such but we knew each other. He’s been an MC since year 10 where he was uploading videos of him spitting onto Youtube, he was turning heads back then and still is now. He’s a pretty big deal in Cardiff, he’s currently shooting his 20th music video and had the pleasure of capturing behind the scene shots as well as his headshots.

Cardiff has elements of a concrete jungle so he decided to shoot his video in a council estate in the North of Cardiff, this was the perfect backdrop for the type of shots I wanted to capture.

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